Monday, February 7, 2011

D'OH! Retraction Time! We Messed Up!

Sorry Radioactive Ape Designs! In our podcast for Atomic Highway we (Sam and I) unfairly criticized the game because of the fumbling rules. Well, as Colin from Radioactive Ape Designs so kindly and gently pointed out, we got the rules wrong! More dice do NOT increase your chances of a fumble. So I humbly apologize for the error. If I could go back in time I would rate Atomic Highway a FIVE not a FOUR like I originally gave it. But in my defense I'd like to say that it was SAM who read the rules and taught me how to play.

Colin, thanks for checking us out and listening to our podcast. We really do love Atomic Highway. Sam has run it for a few different groups now and is planning to run it in our upcoming RPG day at Comic Store West on March 12th.

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