Saturday, February 19, 2011

DUST Tactics League Night Update

Thursday, Feb 17th 2011 the Comic Store West in York PA. held its first DUST Tactics League Night. Brian and myself, Sam, of the Keystone Gaming Society hosted it and although we had a pretty small turn out we had some observers that at least feigned interest.

The first round:
The Axis (Brian W.) fought an all out engagement against the Allies (Brett Stoner). The Axis decimated the Allies leaving but one man standing. The poor guy was facing off a robot that he couldn't even hurt, had no choice but to turn tail and run away.

The second round:
An Allies (Brian W.) recon unit attacked a Axis (Sam C.) outpost. Losing both Axis vehicle in the first turn made it looked pretty bleak for them but by the end they managed to destroy the attacking Allies to the man! I'm not sure that 2 troopers constitute much of a victory but I'll take it none the less!

Brian 1-1-0
Brett 0-1-0
Sam 1-0-0

Our hopes are high for next weeks turn out!

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