Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ticket to Ride Map Collection


Days of Wonder has announced the October release of the Ticket to Ride Map Collection,which will be unveiled at the Essen Spiel. The collection of new maps by designer Alan R. Moon for the popular railroad-themed board game will be augmented by the winning entry in a $10,000 promotional contest for fans of the award-winning game, who can prepare an entry that could earn them a tidy sum as well as recognition and acknowledgement in the Ticket to Ride Map Collection.

The contest is certain to provoke interest in the Ticket to Ride Map Collectionamong the game's devoted followers, many of whom have already created their own maps to enhance the variety of theTicket to Ride game experience.

Map designers must submit an official entry form describing their map no later than April 15th, 2011. Days of Wonder will examine the submissions, make a determination and contact the winner by June 30th. Official rules and entry forms are available at the Days of Wonder Website.

Days of Wonder will release more information about the Ticket to Ride Map Collection, which will function as an invaluable resource for the game, over the coming months.

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