Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Games I'm Excited About

From recent Game Trader Magazines, here are a few games I'm excited about trying out!

The first is an expansion to Ticket to Ride. Almost every TtR is top notch. Some of the previous expansions (Dice, 1910, 1912) have added tremendous re-playability to TtR. I expect nothing less from Alvin and Dexter. Basically, two monsters roam the board from city to city, blocking rails and devaluing real estate. This is a dramatic turn from traditional TtR gameplay and it adds a more cutthroat aspect to the game. Plus, for $13? How can you say no!
Monster! Monsters! is the latest release for the Tunnels and Trolls game. This rulebook explores a concept that I've always wanted to game but never have had the chance to do. The players control the monsters who try to kill and plunder hapless villagers and adventurers. Brilliant! There was a similar module released for DnD 3.5 but it was a throw away that didn't see the light of day until 4e was almost on the shelves.

Finally, Perpetual Motion Machine. I'm usually not attracted to games based on concept alone but this one got my attention. Each player is trying to build a machine. Not a perpetual motion machine because that doesn't really exist. But a machine that APPEARS to be a perpetual motion machine so you can swindle the public and reap the rewards before the public's suspicions are raised. I'm interesting in trying this game to see how they translate this concept into game mechanics.

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  1. Well, I guess I'm a really poor judge of a game by its cover and advertisements. The gameplay of Perpetual Motion Machine, bizarrely, has NOTHING to do with machines, perpetual motion, or hoaxes. NOTHING. It's almost like the wrong game came in the box. Seriously I don't want to steal Sam's thunder here because I think he will post about this since he bought the game. All I can say is, "Sorry, Sam if my post caused you to purchase this game in any way."


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