Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to Old Brian

For my 41st birthday my wife and kids got me a bunch of cool things from Think Geek ( My favorite item was the LED Critical Hit Light-up 20 Sided Die. I will be using this during all KGS games.

My wife also told me she would like to play in the next game we play as a group. I nearly fell off my chair. So Dave if you are reading this I hope you have room for a GIRL in our Savage World game that we are starting in 2 weeks.


  1. Sure. I'm setting it in the 30s, similar to Sam's game. Unlike Sam's game, it will feature neither Nazis nor a hollow Earth. It will however involve artifacts, Farnworth devices, and monsters.

  2. Happy Birthday! You didn't see me posting for my birthday on January 19th, did you? Anywho, your wife is welcome at our gaming table. Your LED die is not, at least when I'm DMing. You guys have given me all sorts of flak for the blue original DnD boxed set die that I use because it's all beat up and has rounded corners. Well there's NO WAY that an LED die is properly balanced! You'll be rolling twenties all the time with that thing because the weight's on the one side! LED DIE = BANNED!


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