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DUST Tactics Expansions to come....

More stuff for DUST!

As miniature games go, this is a good one. Check out Review 8b to hear what we had to say about it. If your interested or already a fan the following teasers are going you.

All I know is that I want them all. I've already pre-ordered one of each from Brett @ The Comic Store West (and if you've forgotten about it Brett then here's a reminder!).

From Game Trade Magazine:

~Snip Snip~

GTM #132 - Dust Tactics Expansions
by Fantasy Flight Games
Art 1Since its release, Dust Tactics has gained an eager and loyal following, thanks in part to its beautiful miniatures and elegant game mechanics. The Dust Tactics core set contains enough material for players to wage war for a long time to come. However, a slew of expansions have recently popped up on the radar, and a world of new possibilities will open up when they hit store shelves!
One of the first expansions in the queue isOperation Cyclone, an exciting new campaign expansion coming this winter. Operation Cyclonebrings the fight from Antarctica’s frozen waterways to its icy shores with a scenario guide including eight new battles, as well as the supplemental rules for artillery and amphibious terrain tiles! These terrain tiles allow attacking forces to pour onto the battlefield, while artillery rules bring a whole new dimension to the game.
Leading their forces to glory or the grave, two new heroes also enter the fray. For the Allies, Master Sergeant Rosie Donovan is the brilliant engineer who designed the Allies’ first combat walker, and her mechanical know-how is a constant asset on the battlefield. Her Tank Head repair skill lets her fix damaged tanks... but don’t underestimate her destructive prowess. She has personally adapted her massive bazooka to take down enemy walkers with a single shot!
Meanwhile, the Axis officer Manfred Kreuzer is well respected amongst his peers, having been part of the expedition that first discovered alien technology in the remote caves of Antarctica. This hearty soldier boasts five health, meaning he’s able to protect his men longer than any other hero. What’s more, his Assault skill and unlimitedPanzerfaust give him exceptional tactical flexibility.
Since Operation Cyclone introduces new rules for artillery, you might be wondering whatWalkers Allykind of artillery is on the way. The Medium Assault Walker and the Medium Panzer Walker (for your Allied or Axis armies, respectively) bring tremendous firepower and flexibility to your Dust Tactics forces. Each of these expansions includes a walker body with multiple weapon configurations, allowing a new level of tactical versatility. You can either customize the walker that comes in each pack, or combine them with the walkers from the core set to create a range of exciting combinations. By tailoring your walkers for each fight, you’ll bring new strategies to your Dust Tacticsexperience. Each of these walkers brings their own flavor and feel to their respective armies.
For the Allies, the Medium Assault Walkerexpansion contains one Allied walker that can be customized to multiple types — including the Allies’ newest walker: the Steel Rain! Altogether, the Medium Assault Walker expansion delivers all the parts you need to field a Pounder, a Hot Dog, a Mickey, or a Steel Rain.
The Medium Combat Walker M2-F, or “Steel Rain,” is a mobile dispenser of mass destruction. Although its mighty rockets don’t leave any space to carry the .50 cal, andWalkers Allythe weight of the frame and the artillery shells prevent Steel Rain from jumping over obstacles, these minor drawbacks are overshadowed by an impressive armament. Its 4.2’’ rockets can set sizable areas of the battlefield aflame and annihilate the enemy, and its massive mortar fires explosive shells weighing 20 kilos each!
The Axis’ Medium Panzer Walker expansion, likewise, contains one walker that can be customized to various types — including the Axis’ newest tank: the Lothar! Included are all the parts you need to field either a Luther, a Ludwig, or a Lothar. The model Pz. KpfL. D is affectionately nicknamed “Lothar” by the Axis troops. Its enemies, however, don’t share the same affection. The recognizable shape of the Lothar provokes fear in any soldier who sees it. It carries a formidable armament of Nebelwerfer missile-launchers on each arm, and can deliver a deluge of fire to fill the battlefield with destruction. The missile racks are big enough to carry an incredible number of rockets, and can strike from great distances on the battlefield.
While these behemoths are deadly enough as they are, their artillery effectiveness increases significantly when combined with command squads, which (using the Artillery rules from Operation Cyclone) can draw line of sight for the walkers. Two such squads are on the way.
Rangers SquadKommandtroupe
With The Boss, an Allied Rangers Command Squad, or Kommandotrupp, an AxisSturmgrenadiere Command Squad, you’ll gain a new level of control over the battlefield. Both The Boss and Kommandotrupp have the “Command Squad” ability, making them indispensable in overseeing your other forces. Their exceptional motivational skills even allow them to reactivate units that you’ve already used! What’s more, both squads have the “Artillery Strike” ability, meaning they can serve as spotters for any friendly tank armed with Artillery.
Each of these expansions open a wealth of new options for your Dust Tactics games. But when combined, they really shine, creating even more strategic depth!
Operation CycloneDust Tactics

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