Friday, May 27, 2011

Move Review - Steel

Here's the movie review: Steel, released in 1997 and starring Shaquille O'Neal, is a BAD MOVIE. Want to know how bad? I've never even watched it and I know it's a bad movie. Netflix doesn't even LIST this movie. That's right - as far as Netflix is concerned this movie doesn't even EXIST. Look under Shaquille O'Neal's filmography. It's not even listed. Search for it. It's not there.

I think DC even wanted to distance itself from this movie. In the comic books John Henry Irons (Steel) has a big Superman "S" on his chest. But in this movie, Steel has nothing to do with Superman at all. He's more like a version of Ironman than Superman. Besides lending Steel's real name to the character, it appears that the film was sanitized of all other connections to Superman or DC. Good move, DC.

I would have watched this monstrosity but I couldn't even find the most die-hard DC fan that owned a copy. Sure, I could spend $2.99 and watch this flop on Amazon but it's not even worth that. If you do own a copy, lend it to me and I'll torture myself for two hours so I can pick it apart for your reading pleasure.

This is Superman burning every existing copy of Steel on DVD.

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  1. It was in the theaters for a total of 11 hours. I didn't see it, however I was told that at least it was in focus.


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