Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thor Holds Strong at #1

Flop? I say to thee, nay!

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Thor - #1 again. According to this Box Office Mojo article, Thor's numbers held better in the second weekend than Iron Man 2 and X:Men Origins: Wolverine, among others. A 10 day total of $119.3 million is certainly no flop!


  1. Agreed. Calling this movie a "flop" is ridiculous. Is Blair Witch "a flop" because it failed to make $100 million? Since it's considered the most profitable movie from a investment/return standpoint, I'd say no.

    By way of comparison, Star Wars only made 1.5 million in its first weekend, and $12 million by week 4. Even adjusted for inflation, that doesn't come near $100 mill its first week. So by the other guys standards, Star Wars was a flop? Laughable.

  2. Thor doesn't get the legs the studios hoped and it's weekend total drops in half. Plus is lucked out because it was against nothing this weekend.

    It's not a flop for a March or April release but for a summer release it's a flop.

    Sorry for all who disagree, but as always I'm right. :)

  3. Star Wars debuted at 32 theaters, Thor debuted at 4000. Anyway you look at it it's a summer movie flop.

  4. funny, your definition of "a flop" is wrong, ergo, your opinion is correct. When you make up your own rules, and your own terms, than you can always be right.

    To the rest of the free-thinking world, who adhere to agreed upon standards like definition and consistency, your opinion here is, at best, laughable.

    Enjoy your hubris, the rest of the world agrees you're wrong.

  5. Brian, when you say that Thor's total dropped in half you're right. But that's what movies are EXPECTED to do - if they're lucky. Many, many movies drop by a far greater percentage if they don't have good word of mouth. So this is evidence that Thor is doing well, not poorly.

  6. Well, that "bomb" of a movie THOR is over $382 million world wide in what, week 3?

    In a related topic, PotC 4 made $90 million over the opening weeekend ($346 mill worldwide). Guess that bombed too, huh.

  7. It hasn't even reached 150 million domestic yet (very disappointing for a summer movie). Pirates opened at $91 million, that is a good summer movie number and will probably pass Thor's numbers by next weekend.


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