Friday, May 20, 2011

'Cause Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's May 20, 2011...

...because, as you may already know, the world ends tomorrow. Well, not REALLY. It's just the Rapture. So if you're a true believer, say your goodbyes today because as of 6 o'clock you have a one way ticket to Heaven and an date with God that will last all of eternity! Don't believe me? Check out the news story here:

Everyone is always saying, "The world will end tomorrow." But they won't say that on May 21, 2011! They'll say, "The world ends TODAY!"

KGS would just like to thank all of our loyal fan(s). You'll never get to read my Superman IV movie review. Life and Raptures are full of disappointments it seems. Mom, I love you very much. Goodbye!

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