Sunday, May 22, 2011

Online Flash Games, Week 1: Downhill Snowboard 3

Have you ever wanted to snowboard, but been afriad of being killed in an avalanche or snapping an appendage? Well, Downhill Snowboard 3 offers just that, only your ragdoll character takes the pain.

In this game, you try to pull off insane jumps and tricks. On some levels there are rails you can grind on to get extra points. Others will have an avalanche to contend with while you ride down. You get points at the end of each level, according to the number of tricks you did. These points are used to unlock new boards and boarders who have increased attributes. These attributes are jump, speed, and rotation.

The controls are simple. They are listed in the upper-right corner of the map select screen. You only get points by sticking the landing. If you snap a leg or neck, you don't get the points. Or if you simply don't stick the landing, oyu lose the points.

This is one thing I found confusing and frustrating at times. The game is not consistant when it comes to determining tif you have stuck the landing, getting you the points. If you get 5,000 points, and the game thinks you landed incorrectly, even you landed the exact same way as last time, you lose them.

All in all though, I find the game fun and interesting to play. It gets to be a bit of a grind later on, but it's still fun. I recomend this game for just about anyone. Even if you only want to play it to kill you ragdoll character.

This game is produced by Armor Games and is free to play.

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