Sunday, May 29, 2011

Online Flash Games, Week 2: Demolition City

Dynamite. Explosions. Buildings falling down into a pile of concret. What more can a man ask from a game? Don't answer that. This week I'm reviewing Demolition City by Armor Games. There is only one objective in this game: make buildings fall down. Apparently buildings that never were finished, since you only blow up hollow skeletonns of buildings. Perhaps there was some kind of terrible design flaw. But don't dive too far into why, just blow crap up!

There are twenty levels in all. Each one is about the same. You have a set limit of dynamite to put on different parts of the building. You have to make sure it falls below a certain height limit. You may only place dynamite on concrete, not steel. And you may only place one package of dynamite on a piece of concrete. There are also some levels in which there is a second building which you cannot let a piece of debris touch. If you fail to bring the building down, you must restart and no dollars are awarded for the level.

Points are awarded in three ways. Through am explosive bonus, height bonus, and dynamite. I have played this game many times and still for the life of me I have no idea how points are awarded for the explosive category. You get height points by how far under the target height you are. This is judged by the piece of debris closest to the minimum height line. You get $1,000 for each package of dynamite you do not use in a level.

This game is not a simple as you may think though. The trick to this game is physics. Randomly placing dynamite is not going to work everytime. So you have to think as to where you will place you dynamite to get maximum effect.

I find the game easy to play and challenging. I have no real fault with the game, but I do have two small grievences with the game. First, it has the most God awfull sound effects to explosions I have ever heard. And the music is annoying. The second is that if you fail a level, it give you three options. One is the walkthrough. It takes you to two videos showing you how to do levels 1-10 and 11-20. It's as if the game is saying "Its ok that you suck at this game. Here little baby, this is how you do it. Course you could never figure this out." It only aggrivates the player when you give them the easy way out if they are angirly trying to figure it out for themselves.

All in all, I found the game very fun to play and challenging at times. I recomned it to anyone who wants to blow up buildings while listening to crappy music.

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  1. Fun for what it is. It's kinda the exact same game as Crush the Castle. Why don't they make a game where you're designing a castle or building that the computer is trying to knock down? That would be interesting. I'd give this game a 3 out of 6. Too simple and too short.


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