Wednesday, May 4, 2011

JohnCon Spring '11 Report

Once again, a mighty assembly of noble gamers came together to fight for truth, justice, and critical hits! Only three KGS members were present, Sam, Brett, and Scott. Games played included Mutants and Masterminds (3rd), Arkham Horror, Savage Worlds, Wings of War, Moto Grand Prix, The Great Space Race, and Lone Wolf Multiplayer.

Mutants and Masterminds was sponsored (again) by Jason. KGS is beginning to think that's the only game that guy runs. As always, there was Superhero goodness triumphing over villainous evil. Paragons returned to save the day.

Jim sponsored the board game Thunderstones.

Wings of War was supposed to feature a massive KGS vs Crimson Hands bloodbath, but with only two members of KGS present at that time, plans were altered. Ask Brett about it next time you're in the store. When Scott asked him, all he did was put his head in his hands and whimper.

Sam ran Moto Grand Prix . You could tell the players felt desperate because there were quite a few blowouts before the game was done!

The storyline in the game Savage Worlds was based on the original movie "True Grit." It was called "New Grit," and was set in a Deadlands-like world featuring a young U.S. Marshall named Reuben J. Cogburn.

Scott ran Lone Wolf Multiplayer (Scott's houserules variant) for a group of five players. He ran the free downloadable adventure, "Murder at the Tourney." Among the players was first time role player, 10 year old Joram (John C.'s son). Also playing was Bill, Sam, John, and John C. The adventure focused on an assassination attempt at a knight's tournament. The players did very well at using their disciplines (abilities) in innovative and unique ways. The adventure actually had very little combat in it so the characters had to do quite a bit of social interaction, which the players did nicely. In the end, the heroes were triumphant but at the terrible cost of John C's buccaneer.

The Great Space Race was run by Brett. There was much fiery death in this one as players carelessly rammed one another into the wall, setting off chain nuclear explosions. Brett won, but it may have been by default because everybody else was either dead or too beat up to cross the finish line.

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  1. Just two corrections. Due to Jason's car being stolen earlier in the week and all the paperwork he had to endure, Kevin stepped in to run a Hollow Earth adventure. My son's name is spelled Joram, not Goram. By the way, my character, Rooster Cogburn, also died in Mike's adventure, which he decided to do as a straight up Savage Worlds adventure without any Deadlands flavor.
    John C.


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